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Village ofMaine


The Town of Maine EMS is comprised of highly trained Emergency Medical Responders that respond 24 hours a day to react to medical emergencies. Town of Maine responders work closely with the City of Wausau and Town of Rib Mountain Paramedics to ensure you receive excellent care in your time of need.

Maine EMS also provides community service each year at the Willow Springs Garden; on hand in case a need arises and to provide blood pressure checks upon request.

How EMS Works:

If a medical emergency occurs - CALL 911. The dispatcher will ask for your address, name, and verify your phone number as well as ask questions about the situation that requires medical assistance.

The 911 dispatcher will then page the Town of Maine Emergency Medical Reponders, and depending on your location, either Wausau or Rib Mountain EMS.

Town of Maine Emergency Medical Responders generally arrive on scene ahead of the ambulance to provide medical assistance until paramedics arrive.

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